Outreach and Missions

Outreach Committee

The PCUSA Book of Order 2015-2017  outlines the ministry of the church in the world. Aspects of that ministry include:

  • worship and mission
  • evangelism: proclaiming the good news that in Christ Jesus the world is reconciled to God
  • compassion: feeding the hunger, sheltering the homeless, comforting the grieving, welcoming the stranger
  • reconciliation: working for fair laws and less disparity between rich and poor
  • care for creation: using the earth’s resources responsibly without plundering, polluting, or destroying

The Outreach Committee seeks to serve FPC by responding faithfully to all aspects of this call of ministry and mission to our world.

The Outreach Committee functions as a liaison between our faithful and compassionate congregation and the greater community that lies outside the bounds of church membership. The committee educates itself as to the needs of that greater community and distributes the financial resources of the church toward institutions and individuals as the Spirit of God informs us.

The committee also partners with organizations, such as NAOMI (North central Area congregations Organized to make an Impact), WISDOM Network, Wisconsin Council of Churches, and other faith communities to inform the church of ways to participate in faithful citizenship and to call the church to greater faithfulness and commitment to its neighbors in need.

Chair: Daniel Crump dan.kamie@me.com