Green Team Committee

Mission Statement: 

Recognizing that the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church declared “Restoring Creation as a central concern of the church to be incorporated into its life and mission at every level,”

We commit:

  • To inspire members to respond as humble stewards of God’s gift of Creation, protecting and restoring it for its own sake and for the future use and enjoyment of all creatures
  • To provide members with information and educational resources to preserve God’s Creation
  • To network with neighboring congregations and community organizations to promote stewardship of God’s Creation.
  • To incorporate tender care for God’s Creation throughout the FPC community, including our worship services, educational programs, outreach and service to the community and the buildings and grounds

Earth Care Congregation

FPC of Marshfield has been certified as an Earth Care Congregation for eleven years. Learn more about the certification process by clicking on this link: View our certificate by selecting this link.

Earth Friendly Recipes

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Our ongoing Creation Care Projects


The Native Prairie

Watch The Native Prairie slideshows by clicking this link

Ways We Grow Our Green

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The Little Free Library and Butterfly Garden

Visit our LFL on our church grounds. Take a book, leave a book. While you are visiting enjoy the beauty of our butterfly garden throughout the year.
Want to learn more about our LFL? Click on this link to learn more

Community Gardens

Community Gardens – Click image to enalarge


The Community Gardens

For more information about the garden site please contact our church office.


Annual Church Rummage Sale

Since 2006 the Green Team, along with the Christian Education Committee, hosts an annual rummage sale open to the Marshfield community. A wonderful way to encourage the four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, and Recycle! Learn more about our rummage sale by clicking this link.


Recycling Kiosk

Recycling Kiosk – Click image to enlarge

Recycling at FPC

Visit our new kiosk in the narthex.
We are currently accepting lithium batteries, electrical charging cords and cables, Christmas string lights, eye glasses, CFL and LED light bulbs only, cell phones, and ink cartridges.
Do you have questions about what may be placed in your curbside recycling bin? Contact Waste Management to learn more.




2024: Forums for All: Recycling Right with Amanda Haffele

2023: Forums for All: Chemical Free Living

2022: Forums for All: Socially Responsible Earth Friendly Investing

2022: Planting a Pizza Garden in collaboration with the FPC Youth.

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2021: Forums for All – Installing and Maintaining a Prairie with Gary Birch


2020: Recycle Right with Amanda Haffele from Portage County Materials Recovery Facility

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2018 and 2017: – Co-hosted the Marshfield Clinic’s Health Lifestyles Food Expo

Green Team


2017: Celebrating ten years as a Green Team

Green Team


2017: Hosting “Honor the Earth” riders, along with Winona LaDuke, as they traveled across Wisconsin to raise awareness about the risk of oil pipelines.

On Monday, July 10, 2017, a memorable event took place in our Fellowship Hall when sixty members of several First Nation tribes from the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin came for a meal which was organized by the Green Team, supported by Outreach, individuals of the congregation and the Marshfield area. They were on a journey for “Honor the Earth” and “Oil and Water Don’t Mix” – following the Enbridge Oil Pipelines which stretch across Wisconsin – to bring attention to the risks inherent in such lines – leaks, erosion of land rights, disrespect for the Earth. Some of them traveled on horseback while others provided support by driving trucks pulling horse trailers. They were men, women, grandparents, kids. They were hot, tired, hungry. The food was abundant, delicious – Jimmie and Joy’s Pulled Pork Sandwiches, donated salads and desserts of every kind which took up several tables. A program of prayer and personal stories gave understanding and meaning to the riders’ mission and reinforced our common ground – the love and protection of Mother Earth.


2017: Attended the March for Science event

Marchers gather outside the Marshfield Public Library prior to the March for Science, held April 22, 2017.

Green Team


2016: Sponsored a community forum with 80 feet is enough.

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