Parish Nurse Medical Equipment Loan Closet

The Parish Nurses of First Presbyterian Church maintain a loan closet of medical equipment available to those in need of assistance. Referrals may come from persons contacting our nurse, staff at the clinic, or anyone who is aware of a need someone may have for assistive equipment. It is our intention to provide this service to as many as possible, but please be aware we have a limited amount of equipment and hope you will keep the following suggestions in mind when making a request:

  • Please identify needs of a patient as soon as possible when it is determined medical equipment may be needed. When possible, it is a good idea to discuss needs with your medical provider to assure the appropriate items are requested.
  • An alternative to our closet, of which we are aware, is the Good News Project in Wausau at (715) 843-5985. They also loan out beds and larger equipment. Arrangements would need to be made to pick up the items as they do not have delivery in our area as yet.
  • Please call Nadene Lautenschlager at home at 715-384-5217 (preferred) or cell 715-207-3205 to request assistance. If there is no answer, leave a message on the land line phone and the call will be returned ASAP.
  • Equipment requests will be addressed within 24 hours but will not be able to be completed in less than an hour. If a request has not been addressed within 24 hours, please contact the church office 715-384-2484, Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • All requests for equipment will require completion of a form providing both the patient’s name and phone number and a separate contact person and phone number.
  • An estimated length of time for equipment to be used will be documented on the checkout form. We will be using this as a guide to determine when we may anticipate the item will be returned.
  • The person(s) borrowing equipment will be contacted when the amount of time documented has lapsed to see if the equipment continues to be in use or to make arrangements for return to the church.
  • Check outs and returns will be accommodated after contact with Nadene and making arrangements to meet at the church. It is preferred someone pick up the equipment, however if necessary, we will try to make arrangements for delivery in a timely manner.
  • There is no charge for borrowing our equipment but donations are gratefully accepted.

Items available from the First Presbyterian Church Parish Nurse Loan Closet
(Please note, there are limited numbers, so something may not be available at a given time)

      Wheel chairs – frequently most are signed out:

  • 5 regular width (16”) with foot rests (one has adjustable foot rests)
  • 4 – 18” wide, 3 with adjustable foot rests
  • 3 medium wide (20”) with adjustable foot rests
  • 1 very wide ( 22”) with adjustable foot rests (some home doorways will not accommodate this width of chair)
  • 1 transport wheelchair with foot rests (person sitting in chair cannot push it per themselves)

Knee supported scooter – used to support the knee so no weight is put on the foot
11 – Walkers – folding with and without wheels including two bariatric size walkers
8 – 4-wheel rollator walkers with seats including two of which are bariatric size
Canes – various lengths and styles
Crutches – various heights
7 – Shower Chairs
6 – Shower Benches
13 – Commodes – 2 bariatric size
3 – Raised toilet seats with rails
4- Raised toilet seats without rails
5 – Toilet mount support rails
Hospital bed, mattress and ½ rail – head and feet adjust remotely
Alternating air mattress for twin size bed
Trapeze frame that fits under the bed and allows the patient to pull themselves up
Reading machine (for those with macular degeneration)
Fleece for use by those with sensitive pressure areas
7 – Bed rails – 6 that slide under the bed; 1 bedside valet that connects to bed frame
Some other miscellaneous items including baskets for 4-wheel walkers



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