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A Word from Carmen
January 15, 2021

1000 Hours OutsideNewly fallen snow and a nice warm day makes me want to spend some time outdoors!   The sun is trying to peek out and the trees have shed their glorious frost they’ve held for days.  Really, outdoors is a great place to be—anytime of year!  And, spending time outdoors is not only fun—it is good for you!

Last weekend, we distributed a number of Sunday School kits through the Sunday School pick-up on Saturday and deliveries. Each kit delivered contained a special challenge!  The 1,000 Hour Outdoor Challenge that encourages families to get outside together.  The entire purpose of the 1,000 hours outside is to attempt to match nature time with screen time, but this challenge could also be a blessing for your family as you spend time together outside in 2021!Did You Know? On average children ages 8-12 years old spent about 4.75 hours on screens per day and teens average about 7.25 hours on screens (not including the time spent in school or on homework)?  Our mid-high students calculated how many hours per day would need to be spent outside to meet 1,000 hours and it calculates to be 2.75 hours!

The benefits are great to getting out in God’s amazing creation.  More exercise, more light exposure–which has been shown to increase happiness as well as provide all the vitamin D one needs, more time together as a family, improved memory and concentration, a closer connection to the earth that results in protective actions, gratitude and awe from noticing beauty: the list that can be compiled from reputable sources and science-based research is much longer than this.

Chart your progress towards 1000 hours, 500 hours, and 100 hours.  Whether you have young children or are a family of one or two, choose an attainable goal that will work best for your family and result in more time outside.  Post in an accessible spot with some colorful pens, markers or crayons and let each family member color a spot for each hour spent outside.

Should you choose to accept the challenge, send us photos of your charts in progress, beauty experienced, or adventures had; we’d love to share them on the FPC website to encourage others!


  • Worship by virtual platform at 9:30 AM. This Sunday, January 17th is the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany and Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday. Pastor Laurie’s sermon is titled, You will See Greater Things
  • Sunday morning Joys and Concern Prayers at 10:30 by Zoom led by Pastor Laurie. The link and/or phone number and code can be obtained at our church office or from any member of the FPC community. Refer to the Thursday Eblast for Zoom link. Please join us from wherever you are, just as you are (no need to be on camera), for as long as you’re able and enjoy this expanded Worship opportunity together. You’re not required to share but you are more than welcome to!

UPDATE FROM THE REV. SARAH MOORE-NOKES, GENERAL PRESBYTER OF OUR WINNEBAGO PRESBYTERY, REGARDING IN-PERSON WORSHIP IN LIGHT OF THE MOST RECENT COVID DATA: As you all know, Wisconsin is one of the hotspots for new Covid-19 infections. Our hospitals are nearing capacity, we have uncontrolled community spread with a 7 day average positivity rate of 27% and no coordinated plan to slow infections down.

The Wisconsin Department of Health and the Governor’s office have both asked communities of faith to cease in person worship.

The vast majority of our congregations are not meeting in person right now. I am aware of five or six congregations that have some in person gathering on Sunday morning. The remaining congregations are either meeting digitally for worship or staying connected in some other way.

Gathering in person is not advisable and


When will it be safe to meet again?

There is not yet consensus on the answer to this question, however there are two metrics that are emerging as places to start the conversation.

One metric to consider is a positivity rate of less than 5% (to determine the rate divide positive tests by by total tests on any given day). Most of the state of WI is seeing positivity rates in the high 20s. You can find the state positivity rate at . Some counties provide this information, if yours does not, you can simply divide new cases by total tests for a day to get the rate.

The World Health Organizations recommends that the positivity rate should be 5% or lower for 14 days or longer before opening organizations up again.

Another metric is new cases per 100,000. This data is easier to find and can be found for every county at this Department of Health Services website:
Hover over your county on the map to see cases/100,000.
Wisconsin considers the new case rate low if it is 10 or below

Keep washing your hands thoroughly! Here is way to turn that time into prayer time:
Hand Washing 20 second Prayers & Meditations for Soul Cleansing
Why not multi-task during our multiple hand-washings each day? Getting a little tired of singing the  “Happy Birthday” song twice, or Counting to 20? How about this: Let those 20 seconds become a chance for a little Soul Cleansing, too.
Click this link for three different ones to get us going! Add yours to the mix as you think of them.


Did you miss the most recent Forum For All featuring Cheryl Lewis Hartl? 

Don’t worry, you can still zoom in
and watch the recording.  

Click here for the link. 

The food pantry of SOS (Soup or Socks) remains open during the pandemic.

Soup or SocksTo obtain food or to volunteer to help,
call SOS directly: 715-387-1796.

Parish Nurse Karen

Please contact Karen Mitchell ( or 715.307.4215) if you become in need of help (delivery of food or medicine, for example) or if you would like to be added to the “helper” list who could respond to these needs as they arise.

Mission Statement

First Presbyterian Church, Marshfield, Wisconsin seeks to welcome all to join us on our journey of faith, denying no one, based upon his or her particular human condition, participation in the life of the church. We want to be a safe place, a sanctuary where people are accepted, included, and cared for as they are. We will be agents of God’s transforming power, aligning ourselves with the Holy Spirit as we pray, worship, learn, share fellowship and serve together. By attending to the love of Jesus Christ in our midst, we discover a deepening faith that makes a difference in our lives. As a community based on God’s love, we strive to be of service to our neighbors and to the world.


where all are welcomed and embraced in the inclusive Love of God

Would you like to know more of the background and rationale for the Session’s recent difficult, yet unanimous decision regarding reopening the church for Sunday morning worship? You likely are already aware that on August 25, Session decided to continue to offer recorded, remote Sunday morning worship through the end of the year;  while revisiting that decision monthly in hopes we meet the gating criteria sooner that would render in-person worship safe again.  This video, written and presented by Pastor Laurie Brubaker Davis, offers a deeper dive into some of the background, rationale, and prayer that led to this decision. We hope you find it helpful.