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where all are welcomed and embraced in the inclusive Love of God

Mission Statement

First Presbyterian Church, Marshfield, Wisconsin seeks to welcome all to join us on our journey of faith, denying no one, based upon his or her particular human condition, participation in the life of the church. We want to be a safe place, a sanctuary where people are accepted, included, and cared for as they are. We will be agents of God’s transforming power, aligning ourselves with the Holy Spirit as we pray, worship, learn, share fellowship and serve together. By attending to the love of Jesus Christ in our midst, we discover a deepening faith that makes a difference in our lives. As a community based on God’s love, we strive to be of service to our neighbors and to the world.

Streaming Worship Services

Starting April 25th, 2021, our live streaming worship service will be available directly on our Facebook page and on our YouTube Channel. Live-Stream will begin approximately 9:25 with the service starting at 9:30 Sunday morning. In case you miss the live streaming, an archived version will become available to watch later in the afternoon. Our YouTube Channel also contains all past live streamed and prerecorded videos. If you use Gmail you can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel (by clicking the red Subscribe button in the YouTube Channel) and you will get real time notifications (click on the bell and choose all) in your Gmail whenever there’s a new video available. You can also access our YouTube Channel by typing:

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Pastoral Letter July 30, 2021

The day after tomorrow, we’ll flip the calendar over to a new month, already it’s August! The final month of school break, summer as we know it.   Soon the leaves will change colors reminding us that cooler temps are just around the bend.  This change of season is natural to us. We are aware of the signs and seldom miss them. 

Harder signs to follow are where we are in the midst of COVID-19?  Are we still moving forward when the latest news is of concern relative to the Delta Variant and the growing number of cases and new CDC guidance?  What precautions do we need to take to keep our church body safe & healthy while they attend worship? In fact, earlier this week I reached out to Dr. Larry Clouse seeking his guidance and wisdom on the matter.  And, at this time we will keep our current masking policy in place, requiring those who are unvaccinated to mask up while visiting, worshipping, or working at the church. 

Last Sunday, I shared in my Sermon Dr. Brytney Cobia’s recent experience as it relates to COVID-19.  She shared that all but one of her recent COVID-19 patients were unvaccinated and that the vaccinated patient only needed a little oxygen and is fully expected to recover while some of the others are dying.  Dr. Cobia said that after a loved one dies of COVID she hugs their family members and tells them “the best way to honor their loved one is to get vaccinated.” She shared, many shared they thought the pandemic was a hoax, that they didn’t know. They thought it was like the flu and it was not until they came face to face with the virus, they changed their whole perspective. For people hesitant to receive the vaccine, “Dr. Cobia recommends speaking to their primary care physician.”

When we are looking for signs and signals for our bodies, I think we all know our most trust worthy source of good information is to go to our primary care physician.  They have expert training in medicine, and they know you and your body. We can also encourage others struggling to commit to vaccination to do the same.  There is a great deal of misinformation out there relative to vaccination and while conversations about vaccination can be uncomfortable, we can always listen and provide simple guidance, “while I am not certain what is best for your situation and your medical history it could be worth talking it over with your family physician.”

When we are looking for signs and signals, looking for direction in our spiritual health, we look to God and God’s word, we look and listen to Jesus. We trust God: God of all creation, gracious and merciful, who has compassion over all that God has made. We look to Jesus the I AM who took on human form, Jesus our Redeemer. And, as I shared last Sunday, Jesus is also called the “the great physician,” who knows all of humanity and knows each of us intimately. Better than we know ourselves.”

While I have provided some excerpts of last Sunday’s sermon here, the full Sermon text is available on our website, as is the recording of last Sunday’s worship service.  I invite you to join us this Sunday, August 1, the tenth Sunday After Pentecost. We will share the sacrament of Holy Communion. My communion meditation is titled “Trust Your Hunger.” All are Welcome!

Looking ahead to next week, I want to invite the children (ages Pre-K thru grade 6) and their grandparents of the church to gather together and join us next Wednesday, August 4th at church for Grand Day Camp!  Not for parents, just grandparents—and we have some grandparents waiting to be adopted for those whose biological grandparents are further away!  We will share in a half-day of story-telling, in-door activities, outdoor play and lunch! There’s still time to register and if you need help registering, please contact the church office.


  • LIVE WORSHIP @ 9:30 AM whether you join us in the Sanctuary or tune in by LIVE-STREAM, together we will worship. This Sunday, August 1, the 10th Sunday after Pentecost. Again, my sermon is titled “Trust Your Hunger.”  

Keep washing your hands thoroughly! Here is way to turn that time into prayer time:
Hand Washing 20 second Prayers & Meditations for Soul Cleansing
Why not multi-task during our multiple hand-washings each day? Getting a little tired of singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice, or Counting to 20? How about this: Let those 20 seconds become a chance for a little Soul Cleansing, too.
Click this link for three different ones to get us going! Add yours to the mix as you think of them.



Did you miss the Forum For All on March 14 with Professor Kleinman?
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Recording for April 11th
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Congregational Meeting was held February 28th.
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The food pantry of SOS (Soup or Socks) remains open during the pandemic.

Soup or SocksTo obtain food or to volunteer to help,
call SOS directly: 715-387-1796.

Parish Nurse Karen

Please contact Karen Mitchell ( or 715.307.4215) if you become in need of help (delivery of food or medicine, for example) or if you would like to be added to the “helper” list who could respond to these needs as they arise.