Committees of Session

Committees of Session

Building and Grounds – The Building and Grounds committee is responsible for the stewardship of all the physical properties (interior and exterior) of FPC as well as setting the guidelines for use of the church and its facilities.

Chair:    Don Zais

Session Liaison: Carolyn Opitz

Members: Jim Aue, Helen Lohrenz, Carolyn Opitz, Dennis Suckow, Ken Wichlacz, Ruth Voss and Kitty Scidmore.

Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for Christian education programming for the congregation from birth through the older adults.  The Nursery has a very loving and conscientious caregiver to take care of children from birth through 3 years of age. Sunday School is offered for children in 4K through 8th grade, most all Sundays during the public school year. There is an organized music program including singing and children’s hand bells each of the Sundays after the Sunday School classes are dismissed.

Confirmation is offered to those in 9th and 10th grade who may be interested in joining the congregation. Youth Fellowship is comprised of students in 6th grade through senior high. They are an active group involved in a variety of activities which on occasion involves other youth groups in the area.

Adult Forum is offered to all in the congregation who wish to join

Deacons – The Deacons of First Presbyterian Church, with the support of our pastor and the parish nurses, seek to provide pastoral care to the members and friends of FPC. In addition, the Deacons host the coffee time and coordinate the Usher/Greeter ministry on Sunday mornings. Each year, on the Sunday before Lent begins, the Deacons host an all church celebration known as Everybody’s Birthday Party. In past years they have also coordinated a Silent Auction. Funds raised from the Silent Auction support additional mission projects of the church as well as provide items to assist in the church’s everyday ministry. The board also offers Equal Exchange Fair Trade coffee, cocoa and other items for sale.

Moderator: Kathy Phillips

Co-Vice Moderators: Dolores Aue and Jennifer Lurvey

Secretary: Janet Singer

Deacon class of 2019: Dolores Aue, Kathy Phillips, Jill Schulz, Rob Schulz, Janet Singer, Cathy Sutterer

Deacon Class of 2020:  Dorothy Halle, Jennifer Lurvey, Sarah Beighley, Adele Heller, Mary Mabeus, and Carmen Ramirez

Deacon Class of 2021:  Kelly Bredemann, Melissa Cooper, Gail LaFontaine, Jennifer Wierzbicki, Tracy Olson, and Jimmy Thomas

Green Team Committee – This team of volunteers works to keep the congregation and committees of the church informed about earth friendly, eco-justice concerns. The committee’s mission is to serve the congregation, in such ways that Care for Creation becomes part of the ethos of the life of First Presbyterian, and through modeling, extends to our family and community friends.  Members plan Adult Forums, Children’s Discovery Times, and bulletin and newsletter green tips to advocate for sustainable practices we might all consider. The FPC Green Team worked cooperatively with other agencies in town to develop the Growing Together Community Gardens, on church property generously leased by FPC.  Additional members are welcomed to join us at any time.

Chair: Kristi Huebschen

Members: Darlene Berry, Patty Brink, Barb Gillespie, Sarah Hanson, Lisa Helstein, Sue Nelson, Jamie Siorek, Jan Taylor, Janet Wolfe

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee welcomes visitors to our church and oversees fellowship opportunities for the congregation. Some of their many duties include:  care of Friendship Pads in sanctuary, taking mugs to visitors.

Chair: Jan Clouse

Session Liaison: Debbie Zdor-North

Members: Therese Brooks, Nicole Johnson, Gerri Toyama.

Outreach Committee – The committee serves as the compassionate eyes and ears of FPC of Marshfield calling the church to a deeper faithfulness, inclusiveness, and responsiveness to the many needs of those who suffer in our community, state, nation and world. Committee members help plan and participate in local activities such as the Crop Walk, mission retreats, Samaritan House Dinners, Peace Conferences, and food drives to support Soup Or Socks, and partner with organizations and other faith communities who stand in solidarity with the marginalized in our society.

Chairperson: Daniel Crump

Session Liaison: Daniel Crump

Members: Sarah Hanson, Sue Nelson, Jamie Siorek, Mark Nelson, Daniel Crump, Bob Davis.

Parish Nurse Ministry
•    Professional nurse who promotes the health of a faith community by working with the pastor, other parish nurses and staff to integrate the theological, psychological, sociological and physiological perspectives of health and healing into the word, sacrament and service of the congregation.
•    Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and currently licensed in the State of Wisconsin. Preferred to be an active member of a Presbyterian church. Willing to make a commitment to the mission, vision and values of the ministry.
•    Dedicated to the spiritual growth of self and others, able to integrate own personal spiritual life of worship, bible study and prayer into the position. A practitioner prepared to or willing to learn to assess the needs of the whole person-psychological, physical, sociological and spiritual.
•    Completion of Parish Nurse Education program for the position, administrative orientation and commitment of continuing education.
•    Practice is consistent with the scope and standards of Parish Nursing Practice (ANA-2004)

Kerri Wichlacz
Carolyn Opitz
Nadene Lautenschager
Karen Mitchell

Nominating Committee – This committee nominates potential officers for Deacons and Session. If you wish to recommend the name of a church member to serve with Deacons or Session contact:

Chairperson: Travis Cooper

Personnel – During our meeting time all things dealing with the staff of FPC are discussed. We interview and hire for any open positions, conduct yearly reviews of staff members, offer support, evaluate and set wages with the help of Session, and deal with any staff issues that may arise.

Chairperson: Pete Johnson

Members: Nadene Lautenschlager, Steve Christiansen, Jill Schulz.

Session – The Session consists of 12 Elders, divided into classes of four, serving three-year terms. The Session has full responsibility for the total life of the congregation: spiritual, financial, and physical facilities.
Meeting time: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Class of 2019:  Jan Clouse, Travis Cooper, Dan Crump, Bruce Lautenschlager, Cari Martin.
Class of 2020:  Pete Johnson, Gerri Toyama, Don Zais. 
Class of 2021
:  Patty Faber, Carolyn Opitz, Beth Walsh, Debbie Zdor-North.
Moderator: Rev. Dr. Laurie Brubaker Davis.
Clerk of Session:  Patty Faber.

Stewardship and Finance – Working with the business manager, Ellen Leick, the Stewardship & Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day finances of FPC’s ministry. In addition, the Stewardship Committee seeks to educate the congregation on our call to be faithful stewards of God’s ministry here at FPC year round and during the annual fall financial campaign. They also are charged with managing the building campaigns as we pay down the debt on our new church facility.

Chair: Bruce Lautenschlager

Members: Scott Winch, Jeremy Luchterhand, Phil Phillips, Ruth Voss, Gerri Toyama, Angela Edblom.

Worship Committee – The worship committee of First Presbyterian Church of Marshfield seeks to facilitate meaningful, prayerful, celebratory, and accessible worship to support the spiritual well-being of the congregation and the church mission’s in the larger community. We seek to use the gifts of all the members of the congregation in the worship life of the church. Responsibilities include helping to support pastoral, music ministry and volunteer staff with music (handbells, children’s and adult choirs, special music), sanctuary decorations, and other aspects related to the structure and content of the weekly worship service, as well as services for special occasions.

Chair: Beth Walsh

Session Liaison: Beth Walsh

Members:  Therese Brooks, Kathy Phillips, Danielle Redding, Greg Reierson, Janet Wolfe, Larry Clouse, Ron Rank.