Green Team Committee

Ways We Grow Our Green

We green our knowledge by having a selection of books, movies, and documentaries available for check out in our church library.

We are reducing single use paper cups by washing juice cups weekly after fellowship time.

We encourage and practice a No Mow May. Learn more here

We let those dandelions grow by not chemically treating our church grounds. Learn more here

We love winter garden interest as it provides a habitat for wildlife over the winter months. Learn more here

We educate our congregation by placing Green Tips in our weekly church email and articles of interest in the quarterly church newsletter. Read our current newsletter article by clicking here.

We are loving the earth and our neighbors by planting trees in our National Parks through the organization One Tree Planted.  Each time we welcome new church members, have a baptism, or a guest speaker we honor them with a tree planting. Learn more about about this organization by clicking here.

We deepened our roots by planting trees on our church grounds and purchased native oak trees for our congregation to plant at home.Learn more about native plants and tree planting here.

We support Fair Trade products and reusable products by offering them for sale to our congregation. Learn more about Fair Trade here

We continue our gentle care of our Earth each year by adding to our projects. Read our Annual Report by clicking here.

Collectively we can make a difference

Picture of a private Wisconsin native prairie with gracious permission of Borchardt and Stone Family

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