Steps to Membership at FPC Marshfield

Becoming a Member

The purpose of our membership process is to help every individual who desires to be a member of First Presbyterian Church have a firm faith commitment to Jesus Christ, to grow in their relationship with Jesus, to develop meaningful relationships with other members, and to find a fulfilling place of service and ministry.

Those seeking membership will be asked to take the following three steps:

Step One – Enrollment of Interest
You may express interest in membership by contacting our office, membership chair, or our Pastors. They will help you begin the process. Come, let us answer your questions and extend to you a warm welcome to our church.

Step Two – Orientation Class
First Presbyterian Church  takes seriously the assimilation of our new members into the life of our congregation. The Orientation Class is an opportunity for those interested in joining to learn what we believe is the essence of the Christian faith, to understand our mission statement, who we are as a church, and what is expected of our members. This class is held approximately once a quarter.  Attending Orientation does not obligate anyone to join, but all who enter membership do so through this class unless there are special circumstances.

You may join our fellowship in any of three ways:

1. Profession of Faith – for those making a first time declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (if never baptized, you will be baptized).

2. Reaffirmation of Faith – for those who have made a previous commitment to Jesus and have been baptized but do not have a current church membership to transfer.

3. Letter of Transfer – for those who are currently an active member in another church and wish to transfer their membership.

Step Three – Public Reception in Worship
All new members will be introduced and presented to the congregation at a Sunday morning worship service following the Orientation Class. As a group they will be asked to affirm their faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to membership in First Presbyterian Church. If any have not been baptized, we will schedule your baptism in a special service.