Ministries Overview

FPC offers a wide range of ministries. Our ministries help continue Christ’s work by enhancing our church, the community, and the world.
Member Care

Parish Nurse Program – The Parish Nurse program is provided to members of the congregation, at no cost, in a variety of ways.

  1. Helps the congregation and staff to understand the relationship between body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Provides presence via home and hospital visits. Assists with home communion as directed by the pastors.
  3. Advises congregation on health-related issues, including preventive and recovery care through weekly office hours, phone calls, and cards. In accordance with Parish Nurse insurance parameter, provides assistance with non-invasive nursing procedures only.
  4. Assists in obtaining needed health services and medical equipment (provides an equipment loan closet.)
  5. Offers presence and prayer during times of crises and celebration. Assists in worship by helping to facilitate our Services of Wholeness.
  6. Provides blood pressure checks and health screening information.
  7. Provides various options for health education including: adult forums, monthly newsletter articles, resource materials, and individual counseling.
  8. Acts as referral sources and provides links to existing support and health – care programs.
  9. Trains, supports, and supervises volunteers in caring ministry.
  10. Reflects congregational support of cultural diversity in the community.

Deacons – The Deacons at FPC have many responsibilities. They faithfully serve the congregation in many ways. Each Sunday the Deacons prepare the sanctuary for worship and arrange for greeters.  The “I Am Your Deacon List” assigns each member to the care of a particular Deacon. Birthday cards are sent to children and senior citizens, shut-ins are visited, and the annual “Everybody’s Birthday Party” promotes wonderful fellowship. Additionally, Deacons audio tape each worship service to be distributed to those who cannot attend.