Children’s Sunday School

Sunday school classes are offered to all children from nursery thru 5th grade:  Sunday school for 2 year olds thru 5th grade children is during the church service, after Discovery Time, (approximately 9:45) until 10:30. The children then gather in the 1-2 classroom for music until approximately 10:45.  On Communion Sundays (first Sunday of each month) Sunday School will start at 9:30AM with the beginning of worship and children will be dismissed before communion begins to join their families in the sanctuary.

Sunday school classes and brief curriculum description are as follows:
All classes are using the “SPARK-Activate Faith” curriculum. This is a faith formation program designed help children become familiar with the Bible, its stories and its characters with the goal of encouraging faith based actions and application to their own lives. Children learn to use the Bible and familiarize themselves with its content. Curriculum is age appropriate, easily understood and designed specifically to engage the various age groups of the four classes offered:  2-3 year olds (nursery), 4K-K, 1st and 2nd graders, and 3rd – 5th graders.  Lesson content follows the lectionary calendar and scripture readings that guide FPC’s worship service in the hope that parents and children will have common discussion possibilities to explore at home from their different Sunday worship experiences.