Adult Forum

First Presbyterian Church offers group discussions nearly every Sunday of the program year, September through May.  The Adult Forum program was established many years ago for those interested to gather and review issues of the church, surrounding community, their faith journey and mission outside our congregation. All are invited to join us for discussion on a variety of topics, from 10:50 – 12:00 Sunday morning.

Topics coming in the fall of 2017 include:

September 24 – Representatives of the Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth will present information on substance abuse among our young people in the community. They will also offer information on some ways MACY hopes to continue to address this problem.

October 1 – Final segment from the DVD series First Light – Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

October 8 – Professor Jeff Amundson, from U-W Wood County will present on White Privilege.

October 15th – Brian Ewert M.D. will present “From Obamacare to Trumpcare, What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been”.

October 22 – We will be viewing a DVD featuring Rick Steines Luther and the Reformation – the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. This will be a longer forum discussion as the DVD is about an hour in length. Snacks will be provided.

October 29 – Reverend Michael Dowd will draw from both science and religion in a world in which evolution and creation are not at odds with each other – and he does so without compromising the basic principles of either.  He will be the visiting Pastor this Sunday, giving the sermon and will also have a Monday evening (10/30) discussion session sponsored by the Green Team for all in the community who are interested in attending.

November 5 – Pastor Lauri’s first Sunday.  It is possible we will start another DVD series Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome and The Kingdom of God featuring John Dominic Crossan, “the premier historical Jesus scholar in the world” according to the information on the DVD.

All are welcome to join us for these presentations. Please feel free to contact Nadene Lautenschlager at  or 715-384-5217 with questions or additional suggestions for Adult Forum.