Adult Forum

The program year is soon coming to an end for Adult Forum but we do have some interesting topics being presented in the month of April.

April 8thif you missed coming, you missed a beautiful little puppy who is in training for the Leader Dog program. Deb Delie, who has had 3 other puppies for training, gave a very informative presentation on the program and her experiences with her trainees.

April 15th– “I am a Stranger”- Dan Crump will be outlining an initiative to put our concern for immigrants and their situation into a journey of action. He will highlight Bible passages that reflect God’s command to care for the immigrant and encourage discussion of how we can help.

April 22nd– The Green Team will present portions of the film SEED – The Untold Story. This film discusses the disappearance of diversity of seeds worldwide, the implications of this occurring and the role of corporations in reduction of seed diversity, as well as what individuals can do to help correct the problem.

April 29th– The ABC’s of ESL (English as a Second Language). Presented by and discussion facilitated by Stephen Carlton (former director of Wood County Literacy Council) and Rika Schmelzer, a teacher of ESL. They will give background on the development of the program, how it works in Marshfield, who benefits and why this program is so important.

We will finish the year May 6thwith viewing and discussing the remaining two segments of the DVD series on Paul and the Roman Empire.

Please feel to join us for any of these offerings and if you feel a friend may be interested in the information being shared, please extend an invitation for them to attend as well. We meet from approximately 10:50 until noon unless the discussion is still ongoing.

For more information, please contact Nadene Lautenschlager at